Ecolã is the oldest certified handcrafted company (UPA). It has a family base and is currently led by the third generation of the family. Since 1925 hehas been following the whole wool cycle from shearing to the final product.

The products are made from the Bordaleira Serra da Estrela sheep wool, an indigenous breed from which three natural colors are taken: white, brown and surrobeco (beige). After the shearing, in early spring, the wool is transformed into several final products.

Wool is a biodegradable and renewable raw material. Year after year the sheep produces wool that is shorn for its own benefit.

It has a natural elasticity and comfort and has always been used as a thermal insulator.

Amona the various products we can find knitted clothes and accessories, blankets, throws, and burel clothing and accessories. Burel is a 100% sheep wool fabric that after the weaving on 60's looms, is beatted in a machine, with water, that makes it tighter, resistant and waterproof.

The origin of burel in Portugal can be found since medieval times and has always been associated with the cloaks, samarras (coats) and capes used by the shepherds and field workers who protected them from the harsh Serra da Estrela weather.

Today the burel is used in several purposes ranging from confection, decoration, various accessories, among other uses.

It can be used in natural colors or ecologically dyed colors. In our case, in Hotel da Fábrica, the use of the burel lies in the decoration of the common areas and in the rooms (headboard, footstools, lamps and support cabinet).

Ecolã preserves tradition and the know-how and walk hand in hand with design and modernity. The Hotel da Fábrica was the building of Ecola for much of its life and today it intends to be a museum of what was done and still done in the factory.